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30 October 2017

How to buy a boat for the first time

Looking to buy a boat?

Buying a boat for the first time has the potential to be quite a daunting experience as you are entering unchartered waters. However, our handy guide on how to buy a boat for the first time will allow you to identify what boats are right for you and from this, look to choose the perfect boat for you.

When considering whether to buy a boat, the first thing you need to do is to develop an idea of how you intend to use your boat. Will it be for casual sailing on a relaxing weekend or are you looking to opt for a more powerful approach where you are looking to race? Once you have a better idea of how you use your boat, you can make an informed decision on what type of boat to go for.

Your previous sailing experience is a key factor in choosing a new boat. For example, if you have limited experience, you would want to choose a different boat for sale than someone who has thousands of miles sailing experience. You may find it helpful to get as much experience as possible sailing as many different boats as possible, before you commit to buying a boat.

The size of the boat is another consideration – there are a wide range of boats that are suitable for sailors who are looking to buy a boat for the first time. 

Budget is another factor, when you are looking to buy a boat, you need to be mindful about not only the overall cost of the boat, but other costs too. For example, the costs for mooring, the potential replacement of boating accessories such as deck gear, sails and more.

Undertaking a fully comprehensive survey is highly recommended. This can be achieved by a walk-through, a survey or even a sea trial. Attaining a true feel for the boat in motion is so important and will really help influence whether you want to make an offer on the boat for sale or not.

At Parkstone Bay, we have a wide range of amazing boats for sale that are moored at our on-site display pontoon which is based in the heart of Poole Harbour.  Feel free to come and visit to see our boats and yachts for sale or alternatively, visit our boats for sale section of our website. Our team of boat brokers will help you identify what your boating requirements are and will be on-hand every step of the way.

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